Program Information

As a service to parents, Shelby County Schools offers Extended Learning Programs (ELP) that strive to provide well-structured and supervised enrichment programs that foster high expectations for school age children. Please take time to read the Parent Manual carefully.

Each program is designed to provide proper supervision of children and peace of mind while parents are at work.  The ELP program operate as self-sustaining program under the purview of the Tennessee State Department of Education and the licensing procedures detailed in Chapter 0520-12-01 and overseen by the State Department of Human Services.

Before and afterschool is designed to align with the school day teaching and learning. Therefore, the ELP program provides opportunities for students to be involved in afterschool experiences that are fun, interactive, and engaging. These experiences focus on a children's academic, emotional, physical, and social development.  Our programs offer diversely enriching experiences in areas of music, arts & crafts, cooking, science, drama, physical fitness, literacy, creative writing, numeracy, project based learning, and occasional field trips. Nutritious meals are provided daily at no additional cost.



The Office of Extended Learning Programs will govern the program and oversee the Supervisor of Childcare who directs the day to day operation of the program.

Supervision of children will be implemented in accordance with Chapter 0520-12-01.

The Supervisor of Childcare, Site Leader, and Site Workers are employees of Shelby County Schools.     All site staff have met employment standards established by the TN Department of Education and Shelby County Schools.

Each employee has current CPR and First Aid training. All employees have been trained in developmentally appropriate practices and quality programming standards.

ELP staff works diligently in their roles.  The ultimate goal of the program is to provide supportive, healthy, and safe learning environments that are instrumental to the facilitation of positive outcomes in academic achievement, student behavior, school attendance, and parental involvement.

ELP staff are to treat parents in an equitable and professional manner at all times.  If you are dissatisfied with a staff person’s behavior or performance, please contact the ELP Supervisor of Childcare, the school Principal, and/or the ELP office to report your concerns immediately.



The Extended Learning Programs (ELP) site is located on the school campus.  Children will also use the school’s outdoor play areas.

The ELP facility meets all Fire and Health Department standards for an ELP site. The program has a telephone on-site for your convenience and for emergencies.  Parents should always be able to access the ELP site by phone. If parents cannot reach an ELP staff person by phone immediately, then parents should report this to the school Principal and/or the ELP office as soon as possible.



Children in the before and after school program will engage in developmentally appropriate activities.  These diverse activities include, but are not limited to literacy, numeracy, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL), socializing with peers, physical fitness, and academic interventions. The ELP staff will coordinate with regular school day staff and monitor student progress during these activities.



  1. How do I access the online registration site for Extended Learning Programs (ELP)?

  • Go to using any computer, tablet or smartphone with reliable Internet capability.

  • If you do not have access to a device with reliable Internet capability, please visit your child’s school, or see question #10 of this document for other options.

  • If you have never completed online registration for Extended Learning Programs (ELP), you must create an ELP account using a personal email address.


  1. What information is needed for online registration and payment?

  • To avoid mistakes, please have the following information available when registering online:

  • State ID number (a 7-digit number beginning with either 3 or 4)

  • Student-specific information, such as unique medical information and emergency contacts/approved pick-up list


  1. Where can I find my child’s State ID number?

  • Please contact the ELP site supervisor at your school or contact your school’s main office.


  1. Why is my child on a waiting list?

There are factors that could impact a school sites’ ability to enroll more children into the ELP program.

These factors include:

Staff | Student Ratio

Although we are always working hard to resolve any concerns regarding student participation in the ELP program, there are state/federal regulations regarding capacity that are beyond our control.

ELP programs are under the purview and regulations requirements of TDOE Chapter 0520-12-01 with regard to adult: child ratios. With this in mind, each program can only accept a certain number of students for every staff member working in the program, before-school and after-school.


  1. How long will my child be on the waiting list?

  • Students are placed on a waiting list in chronological order. The length of time a child is on a school site’s waiting list is contingent upon staffing levels and seats becoming available due to student mobility.

  • As soon as a seat opens up, parents will receive an email and phone call from the school site and ELP Office.


  1. My child has always been able to get into the program so why were they not accepted this year?

  • The online registration process is first-come, first-served, allowing an equal opportunity for all students and families to participate.

  • Stronger internal protocols were put in place, providing more equity in the admission process in accordance with state/federal regulations.


  1. What other before and after-school program options do I have in the area?

  • We will provide a list of child care centers in your school community upon request. Contact the ELP Office at 901-416-4709 or email


  1. Once accepted into the program, how can I make an electronic payment?

  • Payments can be made electronically on the ELP webpage: Program Fees are as follows:

  • Registration Fee: $10.00 per child (nonrefundable)

  • Beforeschool program ONLY fee: $25.00 per week (sibling discount does NOT apply)

  • Afterschool program ONLY: $40.00 per week 

  • Before & Afterschool Programs: $50.00 per week

  • Late payment fee: $5.00 per day after each Monday

  • Late pick-up fee: $1.00 per minute per child after 6:00p.m. or after program closing time

  • DHS vouchers accepted (contact the Department of Human Services for more information) 


  1. When is the earliest and latest I’m allowed to post a payment?

  • All payments can be made beginning Monday morning of the current week of service and should be made  any time prior to Monday at 11:59 p.m., or a late fee will be charged. At the time of payment, parents will have an opportunity to pay for up to three (3) additional weeks of service by selecting the advanced weeks payment dropbox located on the payment screen. 


  1. What forms of electronic payment are accepted?

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

  • Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or Pre-Paid Cards


  1. Will I receive a receipt for my online payment?

  • Once a payment is made electronically, a receipt will be sent to the email address specified in your account profile.


  1. Where can I find tax information for electronic payments?

  • After signing into your ELP account, click your profile name and choose ‘Tax Statement’ from the dropdown menu to download your tax statement as a PDF file.


  1. Is translation assistance for non-English language speakers?

  • Support for ESL (English as a Second Language) families is available by visiting our Northeast Regional Office, located at 920 North Highland Street, or calling (901) 416-1750. Families may also call the ELP office for additional assistance, (901) 416-4709.


  1. What if I do not have access to a device with Internet capability?

  • If you do not have access to a device with reliable Internet capability, please visit your child’s school, or consider one of the options below:

  • ELP Office | 920 North Highland, Memphis, TN 38122

  • Grays Creek Office | 2800 Grays Creek, Arlington, TN 38002

  • SCS Parent Welcome Center | 2687 Avery Avenue, Memphis, TN 38112






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