2019-20 Registration Reminders

There are only a few more weeks of summer vacation to enjoy and the new year will be here before you know it. We have some important news to share about our 2019-20 before- and after-school programs.


Spaces are limited each year for our before- and after-school programs, so we want you to have early notice of our online registration process for the new school year. Online registration for 2019-20 before- and after-school programs will begin at 10 a.m. on July 30.


  • Parents of students who are currently in a before- and after-school program can use their same existing username/password to complete online registration.

  • Parents of students who are new to the program must create a new account before completing online registration. Just be sure to have your child(ren)’s state ID number(s).

  • For those students who are new to the district or do not know their state ID number, the generic temporary state ID is 7000007.

  • For families with siblings, a student application will need to be completed for each child.

  • For tuition funded schools, a payment must be submitted for all students/children to secure their spot(s) in the program.

  • A sibling discount/credit will be applied to their account at a later date, once siblings have been verified by the Site Supervisor.


Circumstances that could delay the registration process:


  • Not having or knowing the correct state ID number(s) for your child(ren)

  • Not making a full payment for child(ren) at the time of registration (Please note that security measures have been implemented to decline all duplicate transactions within a 24 hour period. Therefore, please be sure to select and pay for all children/siblings at the same time.)

  • Completing an application prematurely and prior to the registration date and time

  • A poor internet/wireless connection

  • An interruption in internet/wireless service


Remember, we are 100-percent cashless. Online payment is quick and easy, and there are no long lines at school! 


If you qualify for DHS childcare subsidies, please be sure to get proper documentation prior to registering.   


SCS is committed to providing enriching programs that support the education and well-being of our students. We look forward to serving you in the new school year!


Thanks, and have a great summer!


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